About Beth Massie

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My passion for art began at a very young age and has always been influenced by the beauty and colors of nature in my surroundings. The daughter of an airman, I lived many different places and was fortunate to always be encouraged by both of my parents during these formative years to further explore my interest in art through various creative mediums. A student at Virginia Tech, I took numerous classes furthering my appreciation for the arts studying design, drawing, architecture and photography before receiving my B.S. in Interior Design in 1983.

Deciding to put my desire to create art to canvas, I began taking oil painting instruction under the tutelage of the very talented artist Susan Burgoyne of Newport News, Virginia in 1995. My husband’s career path led us to relocate not long thereafter, and although raising our two sons became my primary focus (and joy!) for several years I kept my interest in the arts alive and well dabbling in design, photography, and periodically painting.

In 2008 we returned to Newport News and I quickly picked up where I left off under Susan’s artistic guidance and found my zeal for painting renewed. In addition, I’ve had the privilege of taking courses from accomplished Plein Air artist Brian Murphy at the Peninsula Fine Arts Center. Having always loved impressionist artists Claude Monet, Edouard Manet, and Pierre-August Renior the loose, impressionistic Plein-Air style that Brian teaches has furthered my desire to paint.

I intentionally use a limited palette and especially enjoy painting local subjects from the Peninsula of Virginia and Outer Banks of North Carolina paying homage to my family’s adoration of all things water – marshlands, beachscapes, boats and scenes along the James River. I also very much so enjoy painting scenes from the Blue Ridge Mountains and capturing my love of animals in pet portraits.

I invite you to contact me with any inquiries you may have regarding my work and am happy to respond to requests you may have for quotes.